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I've been obsessed with photography from a really young age. Finishing high school, I swore I was going to be a journalist... but quickly realized my heart was in documenting people in love. Growing up I was always a girl with a ton of feelings so this job comes SO natural to me. After I became a mother I found the courage to start Ink & Ivy after many years of wanting to pursue art for my career but fearing leaving my safety net of a management job. I'm proud to say that I have built this business from the ground up and I take great pride of serving my clients + friends. <3 I truly believe that I have the BEST job in the world - capturing the highlight reels of so many people's lives! I pour my soul in to this brand/business & hope it reflects in my imagery!

I'm a boy mom to a spunky boy named Kai, a pipliner wife to the absolute love of my life, a multi passionate entrepreneur and adventure seeker. But if you're here... To you I'm most likely a photographer who is really crazy about love.

My business name sums up who I am. Ink represents my wild side. The part of me that loves running around outside barefoot, who loves anywhere with a coastline, and loves loud music and sharing moments with those I love the most. Ivy represents my soft side. The part of me that cries behind my camera at nearly every ceremony, who loves love stories and will stop at nothing to document it perfectly.

My Muse.

When I was 12 my grandfather gave me a polaroid camera off the shelf and told me to go outside and I swear i've had a camera in my hand ever since. I've been in love with photography for over 16 years now, and shooting weddings professionally for 8. We have a son named Kai who is the center of my world. Photography and family are the foundation of everything I do personally and within my business. I'm old school... I still believe in marriage & the meaning behind a lifelong commitment. It's deeply fulfilling being able to serve my couple's with photographs and tangible memories they will cherish for their whole lives!